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DAY 1 - Food Startup Summit Kick-Off

Jay Nguyen

September 16, Monday @ 9:00 AM GMT

Food Startup Summit Kick-Off: Behind the Scenes of the Food StartUp Summit & How to Get The Most Out of This Epic Online Food Event 

Jay Nguyen, the host of Food StartUp Summit, kicks off one of the most epic online food
business events of the year with a huge bang...

DAY 1 - Getting Started with a New Food Product 

Amy Moring

September 16, Monday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to take a challenger food brand from scratch to over £1million revenue 

Founder of Hunter and Gather, Amy Moring takes us through how her lifelong battle with Coeliac disease lead to her starting a healthy free-from-nasties food brand that’s grown from strength to strength 

Alessio Dantino

September 16, Monday @ 9:00 AM GMT

The Business Model Canvas - How to Plan For Food Business Success In a Digital World

Forward Fooding founder, Alessio walks through the process for developing and using a business model canvas for launching and growing a successful food brand.

Stuart Macdonald

September 16, Monday @ 9:00 AM GMT

Innovation by Coincidence - How a ton of peanuts in a bedroom birthed the UKs
tastiest peanut butter

A humorous chat with Stu about how he crashed his way into the peanut butter business and leverages a passionate customer base to get his product into homes around the UK

Andrew Walker 

September 16, Monday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to launch a challenger tea brand into a crowded market 

Founder of Tea Rex, a tea brand challenging the norms of tea products, Andrew talks us through how Tea Rex has carved a new niche in a very traditional and crowded market.

Claudia Le Feuvre and Rory Batt  

September 16, Monday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to launch CDB product in the UK market  

Founders of Mighty Green Coffee, Claudia Le Feuvre and Rory Batt walks us through the challenges of launching a CBD product in the UK.

Bonus Speaker - Mordechai Chachamu  

September 16, Monday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to maximise your food sales and profits using Amazon

Founder of Nutural World, Mordechai walks us through the early struggles of launching a food brand into a crowded market - and how he was able to leverage Amazon to achieve real growth.

DAY 2 - Product Manufacturing and The Logistics

John Stapleton

September 17, Tuesday @ 9:00 AM GMT

In-house vs outsourced manufacturing - the why's, do's, and don’ts

New Covent Garden Soup Company and Grocery Accelerator founder, John provides
us with a marathon session on how he built his food businesses with insight on how and
why he used both in-house and outsourced manufacturing for his businesses.

Richard Fong & Simon Funke

September 17, Tuesday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to sort out your Food testing/nutritional content and labelling in under $5

Richard and Simon from A la calc explain how food nutrition testing and labelling works and show us the most cost-effective ways to manage your food and nutrition labelling requirements.

James Middleton

September 17, Tuesday @ 9:00 AM GMT

The best ways to get your products delivered to your customers

The founder of Street Stream talks though how businesses can activate their brand and the pros and cons of outsourcing your deliveries.

Helen Groves

September 17, Tuesday @ 9:00 AM GMT

Food Safety and Allergens - 20 most important do’s and don’ts for Food Brands 

A 20 year veteran in the Food Safety space, Helen talks through the 20 most important
considerations that every food business needs to consider when launching a food

Lee Attwood

September 17, Tuesday @ 9:00 AM GMT

The fabric of food - new product development from scratch  

An insightful discussion with Lee about the process used by the experts to research and identify what, how and how much your product should look like before you should even start making it.

DAY 3 - Brand, Marketing & PR

The Clerkenwell Brothers

September 18, Wednesday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to build a Food Brand - from A to Beautiful

Cas and Faraz, founders of the Clerkenwell Brothers unveil their expertise and step us through the processes they use to help emerging food brands build exceptional brands  

Megan McMullin

September 18, Wednesday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to make your food brand go Viral (the Healthy Way)

Megan, from Meet Edgar, the premier tool for automating your content on Social Media, details how food businesses can leverage the power of social media tools to help your content go viral

Lyndsey Johnson

September 18, Wednesday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to sell your food product while you sleep 

Founder of Growthvine, a digital marketing agency, Lyndsey talks us through how food startups can re-engineer their marketing efforts for a sustained and rapid growth in online sales.

Ben Ebbrell

September 18, Wednesday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to get 2 million followers for your Food Startup using the power of YouTube and social media  

Professional chef and web video star best known for co-creating Sorted Food, a YouTube channel with over 2.2 million subscribers, Ben educates us on how he and his friends leverages the power of video and social to build the brand around their business.

Charlotte Moore

September 18, Wednesday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to make your Food Brand famous with 10 mins a day of quick and easy PR 

Smoothie PR founder and ex-head of Tesco Social Media team, Charlotte spills all her secrets and expertise and provides detailed step-by-step instructions on the most effective ways businesses can use PR to launch and grow their food brands.

Mark & Heidvika Fountain

September 18, Wednesday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to make your food products look amazing on camera  

Mark and Hedvika of Fountain Photos provides us with a tutorial on how they team up so well to make they food photography images so special.

May King Tsang

September 18, Wednesday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to Build a Tea Business from Scratch using Social Media Marketing 

May King Tsang talks on the Food Startup Summit about how she leverages the power of social media to launch her tea brand from scratch, 3 times!  May King teaches us how to maximize the power of Twitter for driving engagement with food brands.

Anna Szymanowska 

September 18, Wednesday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to turn your brand's weaknesses into strengths 

Founder of Fightershots, Anna talks us through how she was able to leverage the issues in her business and use them as selling points to grow her business.

DAY 4 - Sales & Routes to Markets

Sajid Ghani

September 19, Thursday @ 9:00 AM GMT

Learning what retailers want - and how to get those first sales 

ShelfNow founder, Sajid Ghani reveals the methods that most business owners use to get their first sales listings with retailers and how to make their product listings more appealing.

Claire Brumby

September 19, Thursday @ 9:00 AM GMT

Mastering the where and how to sell your products from Zero to Onshelf Hero 

Entrepreneur, best selling author, coach and founder of an award winning snack brand, Claire teaches us how to position our food brands for selling into retailers and how to find them.

Nila Holden

September 19, Thursday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to bake your way to business success 

Entrepreneur, coach and founder of the Food Entrepreneur Academy, Nila talks us through how she built her successful food businesses from scratch, and how we can learn from her mistakes as well as her triumphs.

Adrian Boswell

September 19, Thursday @ 9:00 AM GMT

The secrets on how to find, approach and land a Buyer from Selfridges (and other retailers) 

Senior buyer from Selfridges, Adrian Boswell runs through his experience on what works and what doesn’t for food brands when trying to get a placement with the iconic Selfridges .

Ella Rauen-Prestes 

September 19, Thursday @ 9:00 AM GMT

From zero to $150k sales using only online sales 

Ella talks on the Food Startup Summit about how she launched her healthy snack brand, Fitbakes, by initially using just online sales to build her customer base and tribe following - which has lead to over $150k annual online sales and now listings in Selfridges, Musclefood and Wholegood.

DAY 5 - Raising Money & Beyond

Anthony Rose

September 20, Friday @ 9:00 AM GMT

The legalities of raising capital: Getting investment ready and funded 

SeedLegals founder and serial entrepreneur, Anthony provides his first hand knowledge and expertise on the best and most cost-effective ways to set up your business contracts and agreements.

Paddy Willis

September 20, Friday @ 9:00 AM GMT

Plum Case Study: How a baby food scaled to 1700 supermarkets stores in 12 months 

Founder of Plum and Grocery Accelerator, Paddy discusses the meteoric rise of Plum baby and how he launched his product directly into 358 Sainsburys stores and captured a 5% market share of the baby food market within 2 years.

Cecily Mills

September 20, Friday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How leveraging the vegan trend led to domination in the Dragons Den 

Founder of Coconuts Organic, Cecily won investment on the TV programme Dragons' Den only to turn it down later, and raise more money through crowd funding. Cecily talks through her journey, the growing pains and the successes.

Ross Kelly

September 20, Friday @ 9:00 AM GMT

The Foodpreneurs investor checklist - How to get seed fund ready 

Associate at Seedrs, Ross gives us insight into how recent food startups negotiate the minefield of the capital raise and how entrepreneurs can better prepare themselves for the process.

Andy Deeley

September 20, Friday @ 9:00 AM GMT

Crash course on crowdfunding an emerging soft drinks brand into the UK market  

Having successfully crowdfunded his own Iced Coffee brand, Andy talks with us about all of the unexpected challenges of crowdfunding, how to leverage your strengths and managing investors after the campaign.

Andre Schneider 

September 20, Friday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to find a strategic partner as an investor 

A partner at Square One Foods, a food and beverage investor, Andre talks us through be benefits of working with an investor and partner who works closely with you to launch and grow your brand.

Speaker Panel

September 20, Friday @ 9:00 AM GMT

How to negotiate a successful and profitable exit from your business with Paddy, John and Anthony

A collection of successful entrepreneurs including Paddy Willis, John Stapleton and Anthony Rose provide a candid discussion about their experiences with exiting their own businesses.

Jay Nguyen

September 20, Friday @ 9:00 AM GMT

Closing Presentation  

Last session of the summit to wrap it all up and provide guidance on next steps and how to make the most of the session content.

Plus, we have several bonus speakers who we will be announcing in the run up to the session.

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